Physical Therapy for Lower Back Pain

  • November 22, 2020

Lower back physical therapy, also known as physical rehabilitation, is used to treat lower back pain caused by accidents, disease, or structural imbalances. In most cases, as part of the rehabilitation after a surgical procedure. Patients with chronic lower back pain can’t expect a miracle cure from a physical therapist.

Lower Back Physical Therapy

While diligent, careful use of physical therapist can definitely improve function, enhance quality of life, reduce future medical bills, and improve function, it shouldn’t be seen as a full-on cure for chronic lower back pain, especially if the physical therapist is also an expert in treating your underlying medical condition. You must have a proper diagnosis of your problem, including its cause, as well as a list of symptoms and causes. By having your medical history and information ready, your physical therapist can better address your physical problems in more effective ways.

The best physical therapist can give you hope for a good recovery and can help improve your quality of life through lower back physical therapy. Lower back injuries are common in most people. However, sometimes it doesn’t seem possible to prevent your own injury, such as when you slip on a wet floor or hit your head on the ceiling. A chiropractor may be able to help you heal your pain and regain functional mobility through lower back physical therapy. If you are suffering from a serious injury or debilitating condition that requires treatment from a qualified chiropractor, don’t hesitate to get the proper diagnosis from your doctor so your physical therapist can suggest the best way to go about treating your symptoms.

Physical therapy can also provide assistance for patients who are undergoing a major surgical procedure. A physical therapist can teach patients how to perform specific exercises during the post-operative period, helping them stay in good health during recovery. This also can reduce the risks of additional surgery later on.

A physical therapist can teach patients to properly sit and stand following an operation, using exercise equipment to strengthen their core and leg muscles. They can also teach patients to lift and move in ways that will reduce pain and discomfort as well as promote a proper balance.

While physical rehabilitation for lower back problems has many benefits, you should not try it on your own. If you experience any kind of injury or illness, please contact your primary care physician before you start any kind of rehab process. Or exercise regimen. You should also inform your primary care physician before you take any type of exercise regimen that includes any type of physical therapy, as some physical therapies are only meant to treat specific injuries or ailments. Please make sure you understand the risks of taking a particular therapy and know all your options before embarking on a physical rehabilitation program.


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