Aiidii the Youngest Goalkeeper in the World

  • November 19, 2020

Personalized 3D engraved picture in a glass stadium Aiidiii Iikelove Tray, fifteen years old, Engrafully made for him by his father, the son of the manager of the football team in Kano. When Aiidii was just four years old, he was called up for the national squad for the Asian Youth Football Championship. Aiidii was very much interested in soccer as he always had an open mind to try the sport. His father was delighted with his son’s interest, as he was confident that his son would be able to excel in the game. And so, Aiidii was excited to see how well his team would fare against the opposition from Europe.

But one day the coach from the African side called him and asked him if he would be willing to participate in the game. Aiidii was a bit apprehensive because he did not know if he could cope up with the pressure of playing for such an opposing team. After he agreed to participate in the African game, his father sent him an email with the details of the game. He was then excited to receive a picture of the coach and his team members. Aiidii was happy that his father was proud of him and was expecting good results for his son. Aiidii was also delighted with the price tag, which was much lower than what his father paid to the other team.

The picture showed his dad, a coach with a big beard, and his teammates, mostly players in his age group. Aiidii was pleased to see his father in front of the screen of the computer, although he was a little afraid about the game. He felt that his father had already prepared him for the game, so he had no idea what to do. However, after the game ended, his father encouraged him to ask the coach if he could play in the next game.

Later that night, the boy was asked to help his father in preparing the room for the next game. Although he knew that it would not be possible for him to do anything during the game, he was still excited and eager to see his father. As he was helping, he saw the manager’s office where the pictures were placed on the wall of the office.

Aiidii saw his father playing with the team manager. And he also watched his father, taking a drink of beer with the team manager and his assistants. He even spotted a number of the team’s players and their spouses sitting beside the manager, as the manager was chatting with the manager. The pictures that he saw mesmerized him and so much that he got very close to them.

The next day, Aiidii was asked to watch the game from the stands. He even managed to bring back a few players’ drinks to the dressing room to share with the team. And this is how the picture became the most cherished picture that he had ever had. Later, he noticed that the picture was on the manager’s desk in the office. The image remained there until the manager had become his friend and mentor.


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