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Poll: Should we mess with bone armor?
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Bone armor
I want to do something to make the bone armor useful.    I had thought about mirroring the absorbsion and 1/2 meddability of reinforced.   It would not be better but an alternative.  That or find a comfortable medium between med, Ar, and durability.   I like the idea of a brittle (low hitpoint) meddable armor with with decent absorbtion.    Maybe a between ring and reinforced.
I was one of the nay sayers that voted 'meh'. Speaking as a GM tailor and BSI think as of now, we have a good amount of choices with leather, ring, chain, and plate mail when combined with runic kits. I think it would be an ok addition, but seeing as how your time is finite, I honestly think this should be low on priority.

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