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Mining sand, Poison Spells, Runic Armor
You now mine sand like ore.   Once every second.

The poison spell and poison field spell will now scale depending on your magery and poisoning skill.

total = (Magery+Poisoning) / 2

                    if (total >= 100)
                    else if (total > 85)
                    else if (total > 65)

This only works if the target is 2 tiles or closer.  The same is applied to the poison field spell but without the range restriction.  

The intelligence bonus was removed from the metal runic armor.   You now have a 50/50 chance of a 1-5 str or dex bonus on metal runic armors.   The dex bonus on these can nullify some or all the dex penalty.   The leather armor is still one of the 3, dex/int/str.   The value is random and suits can be purpose built for mining, shooting, casting,,, about anything.
Great changes! Thanks for throwing up the formula for the poison as well! As a min/maxer, I appreciate knowing the math behind the abilities!

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