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Mr Do It All's Skill Guide
Hi all. Welcome to Mr. Do It All’s Skill guide.  I’m going to try to cover all the skills, how to easily train them, how useful I think they are, among some other fun things.  I’ll keep this post updated as often as I can.

  1. Skill: Alchemy.
    Use: 8/10 Alchemy is very useful.  Potions can provide buffs, damage, remove poison, etc. Additionally, alchemy can create essences, which are then used by tinkerers to create + stat jewelry.
    Train difficulty: 8/10 or 6/10.  Unfortunately, alchemy is a very hard skill as it requires two gathering resources. Mining to get Sulfurous ash, and then mining again, mining sand to make bottles. You can’t get both from one node, so it’s double the time invested.  You can also minimize the number of bottle required by crafting kegs, but for that you need both tinkering and carpentry. That’s the 8/10. Another way of raising alchemy, is to simultaneously raise poisoning and it only requires one reagent, Nightshade, which is very hard to farm, but it allows non stop macroing.  Make poison, poison weapon, repeat. Raise both Alchemy and Poisoning at the same time, takes MUCH longer, but easier to do. 6/10.  As other crafting skills, no anti-macro code enabled.
    Worth GMing: Only if you can’t get your essences crafted elsewhere.

  2. Skill: Anatomy.
    Use: 8/10 Anatomy is used for amount of damage healed, as well as damage dealt.
    Train difficulty: 4/10 Either fight, or macro, or both.  Anti-macro code enabled.
    Worth GMing: Yes, but no rush.

  3. Skill: Animal Lore.
    Use: 10/10 Used for taming and controlling animals, amount of damage healed, and finally identifying the skill of animals.
    Train difficulty: 1/10 No one trains this one ever individually, it goes hand in hand with taming, and goes much much faster than taming.  
    Worth GMing: Yes, only if you are a tamer.

  4. Skill: Animal Taming.
    Use: 10/10 Control and tame animals and monsters like dragons, white wyrms, and nightmares!
    Train Difficulty: 30-70.1 I’d say 7/10.  70.1-100 Can be macroed on bulls in the britain West Stables, as they are stationary, but it’s extremely time consuming. 15 second taming, kill bull, move/recall, wait for respawn etc.  I give it a 9/10 for that reason alone.
    Worth GMing: Yes.

  5. Skill: Archery.
    Use: 9/10. Ranged heavy damage, only downside is you can’t parry while you have a bow equipped, and it requires a secondary resource, bolts or arrows.
    Train Difficulty: 8/10. It requires combat, bolts or arrows, multiple targets, etc.  Takes a long time.
    Worth GMing: Yes, increased chance to hit.

  6. Skill: Arms Lore.
    Use: 3/10.  You can tell the deterioration of your armor/weapons, and jewelry. Don't lose your jewelry.
    Train Difficulty: 1/10 Target the same item over and over, grats on GM after a week.
    Worth GMing: No. Your damage and armor decreases as your armor takes damage.  If you know your armor and weapon damage when you’re at 100%, you can eyeball approximately the use left on your gear.  

  7. Skill: Begging
    Use: 2/10.  Get gold from NPCs. There are better ways to make gold.
    Train Difficulty: 7/10. Need different NPCs, has anti-macro code enabled.
    Worth GMing: No.

  8. Skill: Blacksmithy
    Use: 10/10 Blacksmithy provides the best weapon and higher Armor, using valorite.
    Train Difficulty: 9/10 Blacksmithy needs a lot of ingots.  A LOT. It takes an insane amount of time, but the rewards are well worth it. You can save some time by smelting, but you lose out on the money to be made by quests.  Every hit, mining, gives you one ore, which is equivalent to .5-2 ingots.
    Worth GMing: Up to you, it’s a great skill, but needs a lot of work.

  9. Skill: Bowcraft
    Use: 7/10 Makes bows, crossbows, and ammo.  GM allows use of Frostwood!
    Train Difficulty: 9/10.  Requires a lot of wood, and also a secondary resource, bowstrings, which can be acquired from using water on tendrils looted from animals.
    Worth GMing: Only if you can’t find Murax to make your bows for you.

  10. Skill: Camping
    Use: 7/10 When you camp, you get a buff.  It’s a longer, better, Bless spell, that also stacks.  The buff also increases your HP, mana, and stam regen, but can only be used out of combat.
    Train Difficulty: 6/10 Requires walking from tree to tree and using a bladed item to gather kindlings. Identical to lumberjacking, just no ‘storage’ required.
    Worth GMing: Not really, if you can get to 90 Showing (about 75 real), then you get +9 to all stats regardless, training the last 25 skills yourself or the extra +1 isn’t worth it.

  11. Skill: Carpentry
    Use: 6/10 Makes furniture, wooden weapons, storage containers, lockable ‘keys’, stationary crafting tools (anvil, forge, etc), and boats.  While all of these things are great, a level 60-70 carpenter can do all of these things, with very little issues.
    Train Difficulty: 7/10. Needs a lot of boards, but you get 10x per hit, which means every tree gives you 40 boards, which means, you can craft 5x+ crafts per tree.
    Worth GMing: No, Unless you want a big boat.

  12. Skill: Cartography
    Use: 7+/10 Decipher and find maps level 1-5.  I’m not sure anyone has done a level 5 map on the shard, but the rewards are worth it if you can.  Since no one has done 4 or 5, I can’t quite speak to their usefulness above 7/10.
    Train Difficulty: 6/10.  Uses blank scrolls, gotten from pulp, gotten from inscription, via cooking.
    Worth GMing: Only later on, when you can handle fighting dragons.

  13. Skill: Cooking
    Use: 3/10 Food buffs are good, but they don’t stack, require a lot of prep, and food eventually goes bad and disappears (60 days), but that means you can’t stockpile it. The only reason cooking isn’t a 2/10 is because it provides a buff to amount of reagents gathered while farming.
    Train Difficulty: 4/10. Farm wheat, make bread to 100.
    Worth GMing: No. Food buffs at 100 aren’t worth the grind. No extra bonuses.

  14. Skill: Detecting Hidden
    Use: 1/10 Any mobs that invis can be revealed with magery level 6 spell, use that instead, and magery won’t take the much needed skill cooldown timer for peacemaking etc.
    Train Difficulty: 3/10 Click anything I believe, if someone can verify.
    Worth GMing: No.

  15. Skill: Discordance
    Use: 10/10 Lowers the stats of monsters you fight, amazing skill.
    Train Difficulty: 9.5/10 One of the hardest skills to train.  You can’t stay in the same spot to gain, you can’t target the same thing over and over after .3 times, you can’t target the same thing after you succeed, you can’t gain off of ‘lower level’ monsters, and your instruments break
    Worth GMing: If you have a lot of time to kill, yes, otherwise, focus on other skills.

  16. Skill: Evaluating Intelligence
    Use: 7/10. Increases magery damage output.  Magery damage is good, but you run out of mana fast, so magery is best used as a support skill rather than as a focus.
    Train Difficulty: 3/10. Cast any mage spells to gain. Don’t train solo.
    Worth GMing: yes, but don’t rush.

  17. Skill: Fencing
    Use: 7/10. Hit fast, use poisons, parry with weapon or shield.  Chance to get hit in melee and lower damage output.
    Train Difficulty: 7/10.  Swing at things with a weapon, keep replacing weapons as they break and can’t be repaired.
    Worth GMing: Only if you prefer fencing over other weapons.

  18. Skill: Fishing
    Use: 7/10 Get food, buffs, get maps, fish out treasure, get black pearls.
    Train Difficulty: 9/10. Need to swim, fight pirate, fight seas serpents, long ‘cast time’ and thus long train time.
    Worth GMing: Personal preference.

  19. Skill: Forensic Evaluation
    Use: 1/10 See how you died, or someone died, or something died.
    Train Difficulty: 1/10. Click, target.
    Worth GMing: No

  20. Skill: Healing
    Use: 10/10
    Train Difficulty: 5/10.  This skill takes a long to train, and requires many bandages (acquired from farming flax, and using tailoring to convert), but you’ll gain in it naturally while fighting or macroing.  This skill is trained as a bi-product of other skills, and never as its own target.
    Worth GMing: Yes, no rush.

  21. Skill: Herding
    Use: 2/10 Move animal from point A to point B. Useful for spreading out mobs that are too clustered together, but they flock (lol pun) back together eventually.
    Train Difficulty: 8/10 Need higher and higher targets, different animals, and keep moving, for some reason anti-macro is enabled for this useless skill.
    Worth GMing: No.

  22. Skill: Hiding
    Use: 7/10.  Hide from monsters, hide to afk, hide for fun.
    Train Difficulty: 2/10. Click the button, wait 10s (takes a long time to gm).
    Worth GMing: Yes, but no bonus at 100.

  23. Skill: Inscription
    Use: 5/10 . 10% magery damage at 100 (good luck), increases the duration of magic reflect, and protection. Allows crafting of spells, spell books, and runebooks. No good reason to train above 80 or so, when you can successfully craft runebooks. The 10% dmg isn’t good enough, considering no one is using Magery as their primary damage source.
    Train Difficulty: 8.5/10.  Need so many gathering professions. Lumberjacking for wood, to turn to pulp via cooking, to turn to scrolls.  Then either farm reagents on the farm, or mine to get sulfurous ash to make flamestrike scrolls.  Extreme cooldown as it drains mana.
    Worth GMing: No.

  24. Skill: Item Identification
    Use: 3/10 Identify magic items, or identify yourself to bring up a small info gump. Not reason to GM as it increases success chance and nothing else..
    Train Difficulty: 1/10 click + target.  
    Worth GMing: No.

  25. Skill:  Lockpicking
    Use: 7/10 Unlock chests to get loot in dungeons, or treasure maps.
    Train Difficulty: 5/10. Get about 50k lockpicks (tinkerers make about 50k of them to raise tinkering), get the lockpicking kits from the quest Carpentry vendor, click over and over.
    Worth GMing: yes, open chests up in dungeons and treasure maps for great loot!

  26. Skill: Lumberjacking
    Use: 7.5/10.  Get wood, get spider silk. Increase Axe damage by 10% at 100.
    Train Difficulty: 7.5/10.  Need to constantly move from tree to tree, lots of weight in wood.
    Worth GMing: Yes to get frostwood!

  27. Skill: Mace Fighting
    Use: 7/10. Hit slow, land big concussion blows, parry with weapon or shield.  Chance to get hit in melee and get swing interrupted.
    Train Difficulty: 7.5/10 Swing at things with a weapon, keep replacing weapons as they break and can’t be repaired.
    Worth GMing: Yes only if you like mace fighting as your primary skill.

  28. Skill: Magery
    Use: 10/10. Heal, cure poison, recall, mark, gate, bless, etc etc.  Damage is def not the focus of magery, everything else is great.
    Train Difficulty: 8.5/10 Need to move, need to cast, mana regen takes forever.
    Worth GMing: No.  Once you can cast level 6 spell with 100% chance at 92 showing skill, you can stop. Getting to GM only gives you +1% to Bless.

  29. Skill: Meditation
    Use: 10/10
    Train Difficulty: 1/10 Cast or scribe spells. Bi product skill, not to train solo.
    Worth GMing: Yes. Passively.

  30. Skill: Mining
    Use: 7/10. Get ore, get sulfurous ash, get gems, get stone.
    Train Difficulty: 7.5/10.  Need to constantly move, weighs a lot.
    Worth GMing: Yes, valorite ore!

  31. Skill: Musicianship.
    Use: 10/10. Needed to do Peacemaking, Provocation, and Discordance.
    Train Difficulty: 2/10. Double click on an instrument, it doesn’t wear out. Need to move.
    Worth GMing: Yes, if only for peacemaking.

  32. Skill: Parrying
    Use: 10/10 Stops damage from melee attacks using any shield or melee weapon (at half the chance). Stops your gear from taking damage (except what you blocked with).
    Train Difficulty: 6/10. Just get hit. Don’t bother training it as a primary unless you’re pushing for GM immediately.
    Worth GMing: Yes, prevent damage. Train passively.

  33. Skill: Peacemaking
    Use: 10/10. Stop a monster from attacking you, or stop all combat on a 10s cooldown.
    Train Difficulty: 5/10. Takes very long due to the long cooldown, and wears down instruments, but you don’t need any target, as you can target yourself while moving.
    Worth GMing: Yes Yes Yes!

  34. Skill: Poisoning
    Use: 4/10. Combined with Magery, both skill sat 85.0 allows application of level 3 poison through Magery.  Can apply poison to small bladed weapons.
    Train Difficulty: 9/10. Needs alchemy, needs nighshade, the only unfarmable resource, takes a very long time.
    Worth GMing: No, there is absolutely no reason besides higher chance of greater poisons.

  35. Skill: Provocation
    Use: 10/10 Provoke two monsters to fight each other, and ignore you. Great skill.
    Train Difficulty: 10/10 Hardest skill to train in the whole game.  Needs 2 different targets, long cooldown, you need to move, music instrument wears down, needs to target monsters of higher and higher difficulty.
    Worth GMing: No, it’s too hard.  If you can do it, congratulations.

  36. Skill: Remove Trap
    Use: 1/10 Use level 3 mage spell, telekinesis to pop the trap on a chest.
    Train Difficulty: 3/10. I believe you can just click on any chest, even untrapped one.
    Worth GMing: No.

  37. Skill: Resisting Spells
    Use: 10/10 Prevent damage from spells, stop or limit the duration of effect spells such as paralyze or poison.
    Train Difficulty: 9.5/10. You need to be the target a lot, taking damage, using reagents, using mana, etc.  Also chance to gain only triggers when the spell is successful on you.
    Worth GMing: Yes, but don’t push it, it’s such a hard skill.

  38. Skill: Snooping
    Use: 1/10. See what’s inside a pack. Why? I don’t know.
    Train Difficulty: 1/10. Click on a pack that you don’t own.
    Worth GMing: No.

  39. Skill: Spirit Speak
    Use: 1/10 Talk to Banjo in game rather than in discord.
    Train Difficulty: 1/10 Press button.
    Worth GMing: No.

  40. Skill: Stealing
    Use: 2/10 Steal money from NPCs.
    Train Difficulty: 7/10. Needs many targets, and constantly higher weights. Long time delay.
    Worth GMing: No.

  41. Skill: Stealth
    Use: 9/10 Walk while hidden.
    Train Difficulty: 4/10. Need to be hidden to start. Long cooldown.
    Worth GMing: No, 1 step per 10 skill isn’t worth it.

  42. Skill: Swordsmanship
    Use: 8/10. High Damage with Axes, parry with weapon, or shield. Axe damage enhanced by 10% for GM lumberjacking.
    Train Difficulty: 7/10. Swing weapons. Weapons wear down.
    Worth GMing: Yes, in my opinion tied with Archery for best weapon skill.

  43. Skill: Tactics
    Use: 10/10 Increases weapon damage.
    Train Difficulty: 8/10. Very slow to gain, need to swing at everything. Passive training.
    Worth GMing: Yes, passively.

  44. Skill: Tailoring
    Use: 7.5/10. Make leather, meadable armor. Leather armor wears down fast, provides decent protection, and allows meditation through some of it.
    Train Difficulty: 7/10. Gather flax in the fields, convert to cloth, craft to GM.  
    Worth GMing: yes, but only if you can’t get cheap leather armor elsewhere.

  45. Skill:Taste Identification
    Use: 1/10. Finds poisoned food.
    Train Difficulty: 1/10 Target any food.
    Worth GMing: No.

  46. Skill: Tinkering
    Use: 8/10. Makes some weapons, gadgets, lockpicks, magical jewelry (+5/10/15 int/dex/str) and most importantly tools for other professions. Weapons can be made on the fly, so you can train fencing and swords without going home!
    Train Difficulty: 6.5/10 needs ingots, but not as many as blacksmithing.
    Worth GMing: No, get your jewelry from someone else.

  47. Skill: Tracking
    Use: 2/10 Find a target you lost.
    Train Difficulty: 2/10 click. Wait.
    Worth GMing: No.

  48. Skill: Veterinary
    Use: 7/10 Heals your pet!
    Train Difficulty: 4/10 Just heal your pet.
    Worth GMing: yes, passively.

  49. Skill: Wrestling
    Use: 4/10 Used to not get his while casting.
    Train Difficulty: 8/10 Hit things with your fist, can’t parry, and don’t do any damage.  Can perform disarm attack with high Anatomy.
    Worth GMing: No.

Signing of Mr Do It All ~Mr Do It All
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Thanks a ton for this man.
No problem Jason. I know we disagree on some of the ratings, but these are just my personal opinions. Smile

Signing of Mr Do It All ~Mr Do It All
@Alex1579 on Discord

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