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Quivers and Buffs
Suggestion 1. Make Quivers better. Preface: Quivers suck.  are craftable by tailors but do nothing.  They don't save space, they don't make arrows weigh less, they don't count as having less items.  They don't do more damage.
Ideas for Quivers.  Increase archery damage by x% of archery skill depending on leather used (10% at gm with Barbed quiver). OR Make arrows and bolts weigh nothing and take up 0 room (depending on leather). OR allow craftable runic quivers to keep runic stat bonuses.

Suggestion 2.  Make buff timers more uniform. Preface: Right now, food lasts 2 min, potions last 4 min, bless lasts at most 2min based on magery skill, camping bless lasts 10%Camping min (1up to 10m). Have buff timers be the 'same' depending on skill level.  I think having 10%Skill is a wonderful ideas.
Food buffs - 10%Cooking minutes.
Potion buffs - 10%Users Alchemy minutes.
Magery bless - 10%
Magery minutes.
Camping bless - 10%
Camping minutes (already in game).
Additionally allow 1-5 extra minutes for hitting GM. So 9.99 minutes at 99.9 skill, and up to 15m at GM.
Spent a bunch of time playing and killing stuff, absolutely hated to have to rebuff bless and pop pots over and over, then re-do campin not knowing if THAT one wore off, or if it was potions or food or w/e.  Was very confusing and not very fun.  Made it not worthwhile to prep food, potions, bless, and camping bless.  a little quality of life improvement would be good!

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Excellent suggestions! I'm all for them both

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