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Poll: Taming and Camping Changes
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Taming and Camping Changes
Greetings DawnUO!

Up for vote today we have taming changes and the final version of the previously voted-on camping changes. Please review the following notes and vote on these changes!

Taming Changes:
  • Tameable creatures can now raise their Str, Dex, and Int to their wild maximum or 125, whichever is highest. Example: A dragon can be trained to have 825 Str, 125 Dex, and 475 Int.
  • Tameable creatures' Hit Points will match their Str. There are a few exceptions.
  • All tameable creatures adjusted for balancing -- this is a never ending process.
  • Dire creatures will receive a 10% bonus to their Hit Points once tamed.
  • Max Followers increased from 5 to 6. This allows more flexibility and balance with Control Slots.
-New Tameables Added:
  • Greater Scorpion
  • Greater Wyvern
  • Berserk Ostard
  • Mountain, Swamp, and Snow Ostard
  • Shadowmare
  • Dire Bear, Rat, and Spider
  • Fire, Air, Earth, and Water Mephit
  • Basilisk
- Existing Creatures Made Tameable:
  • Wyvern
  • Dread Spider
  • Giant Serpent
  • Lava Serpent
  • Lava Snake
  • Phoenix
  • Ice Serpent
  • Ice Snake
- New Animal Taming Feature Added: Necromantic Taming
  • If the player meets the Animal Taming and Spirit Speak requirements, they can tame certain Undead creatures.
  • The following Undead can now be tamed using Necromantic Taming:
  1. Skeletal Steed (new)
  2. Zombie
  3. Skeleton
  4. Ghoul
  5. Wraith, Spectre, Shade, and Bogle
  6. Skeletal Knight and Bone Knight
  7. Skeletal Mage and Bone Magi
  8. Lich
  9. Mummy
  10. Lich Lord
  11.  Rotting Corpse
  • Undead creatures get the following bonuses:
  1. Undead creatures will receive a 10% bonus to their Hit Points once tamed. (Except Rotting Corpse)
  2. Undead creatures' Str, Dex, and Int can be raised to 10 points higher than their wild maximum or 135, whichever is highest.
  • Undead creatures have their own Pack Instinct (Undead) and Preferred Food (Rotten Flesh). Skeletal Undead have no stomach, therefore they have no Preferred Foods.
  • When healing the Undead using Veterinary, Spirit Speak is used instead of Animal Lore.
  • When taming the Undead, Spirit Speak is gained instead of Animal Lore; Animal Taming will gain as normal.

Camping Changes - Final:
  • Kindling's weight changed from 5.0 stones to 8.0 stones to balance their new usefulness.
  • Campfires now have the ability to restore Hit Points, Stamina, and Mana.
  • Campfires now have the ability to Bless players.
  • Campfires now have a Level determined by the Camping skill of the player who ignited it.
  • Campfire Levels affect how much your stats are healed by and the delay before healing.
  • In order to heal at a campfire, you must wait 10 seconds to secure the camp. Once the camp is secure, there is a short delay before you are healed.
  • In order to be Blessed at a campfire, your stats must be full. There is an additional 5 second delay before the Bless takes effect.
  • If you are in Warmode or are being attacked by/attacking something, you cannot recover or receive a Bless at a campfire.
  • If you are Poisoned, you cannot recover or receive a Bless at a campfire.
  • The Campfire's duration is now directly linked to the fire maker's Camping skill.
  1. The exact formula is as follows: (CampingSkill * 100) / 25
  2. If the player's Camping skill is less than 25.0, the campfire will default to a 1 minute duration.
  3. At 100.0 Camping skill, a player's campfire will last 4 minutes.
  • The quality and duration of the Bless received at a campfire is directly linked to the fire maker's Camping skill.
  1. The exact formula is as follows: CampingSkill / 10
  2. If the player has less than 10.0 Camping skill, the Bless amount will default to 1 point for each stat with a 1 minute duration.
  3. At 100.0 Camping skill, the Bless will grant +10 to each stat for 10 minutes.
  • Campfires can now be manually extinguished by the player that ignited them.
  • Campfires retain their uses for cooking and safely logging out.

And just for informational purposes, these changes go beyond simply being a concept. These changes have already been coded and are perfectly functional. Implementation would be simple, pending any balance changes and extra testing to make sure they're solid.
I approve, although I am a bit apprehensive. I'm concerned with the balancing obviously. Stats, skills, and abilities (e.g. poisoning, spellcasting) of the pets will need to be heavily tested/balanced vs the skill level. There will always be the 'best' but you don't accidentally want to make a level 60.0 pet be the best in slot for 40 points.

Signing of Mr Do It All ~Mr Do It All
@Alex1579 on Discord
Absolutely legitimate and valid concerns. I have these concerns as well; most of the balancing will be a team effort between us, the players, and Jason as the server owner. It's one thing to balance these tameables in a normal server environment and an entirely different thing to balance them within Jason's hardcore vision.
We will patch the camping changes soon. I need more time to run the taming changes through the ringer, for obvious reasons. A public test server would be handy for a feature like this. That is another item I will add to the list! Thanks WW.

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