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Poll: How much time have you spent in Ilshenar on UODawn?
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1. I don't know where the enterances are.
1 20.00%
2. I've peeked in, but it's hard, and I ran away.
1 20.00%
3. I go there sometimes, but mostly to explore, and not really hunt.
2 40.00%
4. I split my time pretty evenly between Ilshenar and Main Land.
0 0%
5. I spend most of my time hunting and exploring in Ilshenar.
1 20.00%
Total 5 vote(s) 100%
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Let's talk: Ilshenar
Ilshenar is an a dangerous, unexplored, and wondrous land. In it are great rewards, dangerous creatures, an enormous map, and amazing challenges. Yet I think, due to certain factors, most people don't go there and it's entirely underutilized. I'm going to try to explain as best I can my thoughts about causes, contributing factors, and possible solutions. 

1. Ilshenar monsters are hard.  While that's not a huge deal by itself, most of the player base cannot survive, nor take down the mobs that 1-2 shot and move very fast. 
2. There is no recalling.  Combined with hard monsters, exploration is actually deterred, as chances are you're going to end up dying.  Additionally, if you want to hunt in Ilshenar, it takes you 2-3 minutes just to 'get' there before you even start, which in my opinion is an unnecessary time sink (this shard already has plenty)
3. Dying in Ilshenar means a long and tedious time until you recover. No recalling, death penalty, low player population, and limited resources means that unless you're an established well player that can re-equip, re-mount, 5k rez, re-pot, heal up, etc, you will NOT be risking coming to Ilshenar. 
4. Rewards from monsters aren't 'enough'. A chance at 'artifacts' which aren't that much greater than crafted items, and because they can't be repaired, Gold gained, which is negated by potential deaths, and no increased chance of drops from regular monsters makes it not worthwhile to 'hunt' in Ilsh.

Contributing Factors:
Individually, none of these things are game breaking and just seem like complaining but something to consider is that all of these factors put together lead to players not going to Ilshenar whatsoever. I think Jason and people before him put so much time into Ilshenar, that it's a shame that it's entirely going to waste. There is so much content, so much beauty, and so much exploration to do in Ilshenar that I'm making this post with suggestions on what could be changed so that Ilshenar is used!

Possible solutions:
1. Allow recalling to and from non-dungeon Ilshenar.  Leave dungeons as is.  This would allow players to explore, die, recall back. It would allow  players to avoid the dangerous mobs until they are ready for them, while still reaching their target locations.  
2. Make Ilshenar shrines function as 'master healers', allowing players to pay 5k to rez without penalty.  This would allow players to persist in Ilshenar longer, without having to spend 10+ minutes getting your body back after a death.
3. I don't love this next idea because of the amount of time and effort it'll take to re-balance, but it's only fair to mention it:  Move the hardest monsters into Dungeons, allowing exploration and selective adventuring.

In conclusion, I really think that the best way to fix everything is to ONLY implement recalling, and change nothing else.

Signing of Mr Do It All ~Mr Do It All
@Alex1579 on Discord
I agree with those possible solutions. The main thing that keeps me out of Ilshenar is the fact that I can't recall out. It's more challenging to be in the middle of Ilsh and realize that I now have to spend a while looking for the 1 of 3 exits all while dogging the hard content. It's easy to run away on a horse, but it still takes a few minutes to find that exit. The normal portals of Ilsh aren't active which makes it harder to leave. Maybe adding them in and possibly the ability to recall would make it more appealing to hunt there.
I'd say restore the points of entry/exit and enable recalling, definitely. Even better would be running Ilshenar under the same ruleset as Britannia and having Ilshenar as a parallel, more hardcore-monster realm.
I like the idea of opening up recall to this zone. The reason why the entrances are the way they are now is that I have never played this map before and had no idea of portal locations. The idea was to take the old t2a entrances and use them with a few others like the brit graveyard to spice stuff up. This map is huge and I would guess we have maybe 20% of it populated. I really need to entice our world spawners to come back for a visit. A good option for the artifact type drops would be a huge increase in durability.

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