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Poll: Make Camping Great! (for the first time ever)
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Useful Camping
Successfully securing a camp will give a one time heal of end, stamina, and power at values depending on camping skill level.  There is a combat check as well as the default 10 second delay to secure the camp and level of the value depends on the player that made the camp fire.   This would be great for groups, helping new players etc. and a virtually harmless way to give a use to a normally useless skill.     It gets my vote because it is essentially finished thanks to a white wyrm.
Just some notes:

Once the camp is secure, your Hits/Mana/Stam will be restored. If you exit the camp's radius and re-enter, you must wait the 10s to secure the camp before you can be healed again.

If you are poisoned, in war mode, or in combat you cannot heal at a campfire. This is to prevent abuse in the way of players dropping fires at their feet as they fight. Each situation has its own message to let you know why you weren't healed.

Campfires have a level ranging from 1 to 5. The level is determined by the campfire maker's Camping skill. This means if you GM camping you can drop a Level 5 Campfire to help your allies recuperate their stats.

Campfires retain their use of logging out instantly while using a bedroll, as well.

Campfires can be manually extinguished by double clicking them, but only by the camper who made it.
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